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My name is Timothy Heard and I am an aspiring game developer located in the area of Worcester, MA. As one of the first steps into the video game industry, I offer my skills to create digital illustrations for anyone living in the Worcester area. Do you need text on a picture to create promotional material? No problem. Do you want a poster or a book cover? I can make it. Do want a rough sketch turned into a fully developed work of art? I can do that. Do you need backgrounds and sprites for video games aka computer games? I can make those. Do you want someone who can bring a character to life? I am quite capable of that. Do you need someone who can create a work of art, like a matte painting, out of multiple images with a couple of stylish strokes? I am the man for the job. Do you need someone who can at least draw something, be it a still-life, a portrait, or a fantasy creature? I can definitely do that and convert it into a digital work of art as well.

Digital Illustrations in Worcester

Current Occupation: Part-time employee, full-time gamer, and freelance digital illustrator

Student of Game Development and Design Since: 09/1/2013

Goal: Career in Game Development and Design

Best Skill: Computer/Digital Illustration

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